Inspired by

Made in Finland.

Taking inspirations from Finland’s most iconic places of wild nature tempered with the Nordic spirit and aesthetics, the creation of our fragrance formulas being particularly upheld by the idea of reflecting the experiences and memories about Finland through the art of fragrance.

Scent of Finland Eau de Parfums are an artistic contemplation of Finland where each fragrance represents different perspective of the country’s natural beauty. The magic lights, the green forests, the blue waters and clean air that keeps calling you back all this got a reflection in our fragrance series.

We are the only perfume brand in Finland awarded a Key Flag Symbol for its reliability, uprightness and the quality of being Finnish and we thus proudly carry MADE IN FINLAND logo on all of our products.


Kajo is Finnish for shimmer.

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Kaltio is Finnish for spring.

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Korpi is Finnish for deep forest.

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Vire is Finnish for breeze.

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