Discover the story on how the beauty of pure Finnish nature inspired the creation of this ground-breaking brand.

Scent of Finland brand was conceived in 2018 out of a concept at times referred to as The Fragrance of Memory, which, whilst highlighting the deep linkage between smell and emotions, stipulates that a perfume can evoke the most vivid memories.

It is known that the brain stores memories through a network of neurons connected with one another. The more bonds are built among them, the stronger the memory is. It is this very fretwork that is what is known to be a memory. In the similar vein, the perfume is a representation of connections made between molecules which, when linked together, make up something that is more remarkable than when they are considered apart. Thus, a perfume is already a memory in itself, just waiting to be unveiled by someone to allow composing a memory in his brain.

The idea behind Scent of Finland Eau de Parfum series was to create high quality fragrances inspired by Finland’s most iconic places of wild nature tempered with the Nordic spirit, culture and aesthetics. To that end, we invited a renowned French perfumer Maud Chabanis from Grasse, the most famous perfume industry region in France, to spend few weeks in Finland researching essences of Finnish nature to then reflect on her memories and experiences about the country in her scent formulas.

With the reference to one’s connection to scent memory the aim has been to serve those who visited the country with strong reminders of special moments of wonders and adventures experienced throughout their travel. Likewise, bringing the Scent of Finland as a gift allows one to share his emotions about the country with others through the art of fragrance. Scent of Finland strives at promotion of Finland within and beyond its borders, highlighting the country’s natural purity and distinctiveness that is so much loved and cherished.